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Project management is our specialty. We pride ourselves on the planning and execution of each project. At Senger Brothers, we understand the importance of preparation and organization - and it takes effort from more than just the people on the jobsite. Our detail-oriented estimation and preconstruction process is what separates us from our competitors, and it is how we meet our client's expectations. 


Here is how our Preconstruction process unfolds:

  • Project Outline and Plan Review

    • Define scope of project​

    • Communicate any challenges

    • Set clear expectations

  • Accurate Estimation

    • Leverage in-house estimation platform

    • Collect bids from our partners of sub-contractors

    • Deliver estimated cost of project with contingency plans for modifications

  • Focused Project Management 

    • Execution of quality work​

    • Client communication throughout the entire project

    • Ensure job completeness and client satisfaction

If you're planning a heavy renovation project or building new, the Senger Brothers are your preferred General Contractor. 



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